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Golfing in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Golf ClubPlaying golf in Abu Dhabi may sound incredulous, especially because a lot of people are prone to think that Abu Dhabi is a desert land where no lush greens ever grow. Interestingly, though, golf is the most popular sport in Abu Dhabi, and because it is so, Abu Dhabi has several golf courses, many of which can be considered world class.

Three of Abu Dhabi’s golf courses are PGA championship golf courses, and this already proves that golf is a sport being taken very seriously in Abu Dhabi. Many of Abu Dhabi’s golf courses are equipped with flood lights, making playing at night still possible. Nocturnal golfers and those who are unable to find time to play during the day will definitely welcome this news with a certain thrill.

A featured golf club in Abu Dhabi is the famed Abu Dhabi Golf Club, a kind of sanctuary in the middle of a desert. The Abu Dhabi Golf Club is just ten minutes away from the Abu Dhabi International Airport, and offers a peaceful reprieve from the daily stresses of life. The vast green meadows are welcoming.

In this club, you can find a clubhouse that is definitely world class. The clubhouse has everything you need --- tennis courts, swimming pools, sauna, spa, Jacuzzi, health centers and more. You will most definitely get star treatment at Abu Dhabi Golf Club. Thus, it seems just appropriate for the Abu Dhabi Golf Club to host the PGA European Tour Abu Dhabi Golf Championship, considered as the largest sporting event in Abu Dhabi.

Another notable golf club in Abu Dhabi is the famed National Course that houses the National Championship Course and the Garden Course. You can find this at Sas Al Nakhl, which is also very near the airport and the city as well.

If you want a totally unique and exciting golf experience, you should try playing at the sandy Al Ghazal Sand Golf Course. All of 7,000 yards, you will most definitely get the experience of a lifetime.

Many of Abu Dhabi’s golf clubs have golf academies where you can learn to play golf from the pros themselves.

Considering the popularity of golf in Abu Dhabi, it is only natural if the golf courses are almost always fully booked. It is, therefore, advisable to book earlier if you intend to play golf at any of Abu Dhabi’s prime golf spots. If you are not from Abu Dhabi, you must book with your complete details in order to be confirmed.

One thing you must remember when you want to play golf in Abu Dhabi is to wear a pair of soft spikes, or at the very least shoes that are rubber-soled. You are also not to wear denims or jeans, else you will be denied entry.

As you can see, golf is not a stranger even in a desert nation like Abu Dhabi. So, if you happen to be in Abu Dhabi for some other reason, you can include playing golf in your itinerary to make your vacation complete.