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Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Ferrari world Abu Dhabi would probably make you think something about cars and racing track, but that’s not the actual case. It is the most recent development in Abu Dhabi. Ferrari World is an amusement park in Yas Islands of Abu Dhabi. The park is themed by Ferrari and that is where the name comes from. The park is very special in its sense that it is the biggest indoor park in the world. The roof of the park covers a stunning 200,000 square kilometers makes it a brilliant piece of architecture. The park is unique in the sense that it provides ample opportunities of recreation under one roof. The rides and various other recreational objects the park has to offer, you would hardly find anywhere in the world. From the architectural point of view, the park is built in such a way it covers a huge area and the Ferrari world Abu Dhabi Park is not at all affected by the hazards of weather.

The makers of the park had a plan initially to make something which is unique it its structure and the at the same time the recreational aspect of the park should not be hampered by the turbulences of weather. So at last they came up with Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Park, now treated as one of the world’s best amusement park.

Ferrari theme park is also quite popular for its roller coaster ride. The roller coaster ride is named Formula Rossa and it is the world’s fastest roller coaster ride. It would take immense courage to go for a ride on Formula Rossa and surely you would have an experience to cherish all your life. The park was inaugurated on 4th November 2010 but it was initially scheduled to be inaugurated at the end of 2008. The construction took a back seat as Abu Dhabi was badly hit by a financial crisis and there were repeated failure of deadlines for inauguration. In mid 2005 Ferrari and Aldar properties signed a contract to built world’s first Ferrari theme park. The deal was signed and the park eventually turned out to be reality on November 2010.

There was a lot of thought put into the architectural pattern of the roof and the roof was designed by famous Benoy architect. The design was incorporated from the side of Ferrari GT. Rambol was the engineering mastermind of the roof and provided with important inputs of geotechnical engineering. The perimeter of the park measures 2,200 meters and covers a ground area of 86,000 meters and thereby making it the world’s largest amusement park. The park is themed on Ferrari and the roof bears a logo which is also the world’s largest Ferrari logo till date measuring 68meters by 48.5 meters. The roof of the park took the maximum time for construction and it was completed on 29th October 2009 just 1 year before the completion of the park.

If you are in Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and Ferrari world Abu Dhabi attractions are a must watch and you can be rest assure that your kids are going to have the most enriching experience of their life.

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