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Popular Attractions in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi IslandsIf you have the luxury of time and money to travel to any part of the world, a visit to Abu Dhabi will surely give you a remarkable and unforgettable experience. As the capital of the United Arab Emirates, this largest among the seven emirates has all the sights and attractions to satisfy your senses.

Around 200 islands compose Abu Dhabi, and many of these islands have either already become or in the process of becoming world-class destinations. There’s the Lulu Island, for one, which is a perfect getaway for short trips with its array of pools and cool beaches, restaurants and coffee shops. There’s also Horseshoe Island, Cut Island and Bahraini Island which are must-visit sites for those who simply love the waters. These islands offer a range of exciting activities that never fail to please water sports fanatics. The Saadiyat Island is presently undergoing huge developments, but once all the developments have been finished, this island is going to be a tourist haven.

You should also visit Yas Island, the sports and leisure center of Abu Dhabi, and the Sir Bani Yas, now being groomed to become one of the world’s best destinations, with a bird sanctuary and safari park.

Abu Dhabi’s Heritage Village is something worth seeing. Even if you are not really into history, you’ll, nonetheless, take interest in Abu Dhabi’s interesting and glorious past.

When you are through island hopping, visiting mosques is another interesting thing you can do in Abu Dhabi. The Grand Mosque or the Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan Mosque has already become a land mark in Abu Dhabi that a visit to the emirate is almost never complete if you have not gone to the Grand Mosque.

The Hili Archaeological Gardens near the Fossil Valley is also worth your while. The public gardens that grow here are breathtaking! The Sheikh Khalifa Park near Al Bateen Airport is another paradise with beautiful gardens, water falls, fountains and lakes.

There’s also Hili Fun City, a theme park where everyone can have the time of his life going for thrilling rides and more. The Hili Fun City hosts several festivals throughout the year.

The Al Ain Zoo at Jebel Hafeet has some 400 hectares of exotic and unusual species and marine life. If you’ve never seen an Arabian oryx or a gazelle before, just go to the Al Ain Zoo and you’ll find the most interesting animals there.

Abu Dhabi is not just a place for adults, though. There are around 20 parks where children can play and enjoy, too. The Al Nahyan Garden, Capital Garden, Urban and Lake Parks are just a few of them Abu Dhabi is known for.

Abu Dhabi also houses what is probably the most expensive hotel in the world, the Emirates Palace. With over 400 rooms and interiors made of gold or marble, the. Emirates Palace clearly deserves to be called one of the world’s best hotels.

There is so much more to see and do in Abu Dhabi that you will never leave Abu Dhabi without at least a bagful of beautiful and enriching memories.